2019 Eastern Jalsa Tarbiyyah: Ahmadiyya Members Urged To Embrace Justice and Equity


Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria has been advised to embrace the principle of justice, equity and fairness as a way of showcasing the true recognition of Almighty God.

Giving this admonition was the Amir (National Head) of the organization Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola during the 4th Eastern region Jalsa Tarbiyyah (Moral Training Convention) held at the Conference Hall of MOM Civic Center, Warri Delta State.

Dr. Fashola said it is incumbent on all members of Ahmadiyya Community to exhibit the beautiful traits of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and those of the  Promised Messiah (as) if truly they are reformers of the world and have the zeal of winning more converts into the fold.

While speaking on the theme of the convention “Recognition of God: A True Means of Salvation, “ Amir emphasized: “The purpose of our existence is to test us whether we recognize Almighty God. If we do not recognize God, we are inviting the wrath of God. Recognizing God means we have to stick with justice, equity and we must shun all forms of discrimination.”

Delivering his lecture on the theme of the programme, Dr. Sa’eed Olurotimi Timehin, the National Tabligh (Preaching) Secretary of the Muslim organization said that the world presently struggled with multifaceted issues and challenges such as poverty, globalization, liberalization, democratic pluralism, privatization, secularization, and religious resurgence, and that leaders at local, national and global arena have all strived relentlessly to find lasting solutions to those crises in their different ways thereby attaining the salvation they seek.

“Throughout the world, from the far Eastern countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Korea to North, East, West and South African countries; from the Middle East to Central Asia, and from Europe to America, crises of varying dimensions are perennially experienced and the whole world weeps for salvation from poverty, ignorance, insecurity, illiteracy, hate and several other unpalatable situations and conditions.”

Dr. Timehin said the primary solution and the most important key to salvation in all spheres of human experience are righteousness attained through recognition of God in His Essence, Attributes, and Decrees. He added that the true recognition of God can only be achieved by God’s Grace and the Grace is tied to the personality of  Prophet Muhammad (saw) whose life is regarded as a total reflection of God’s limitless Grace and a complete manifestation of His Mercy.

“The transcendent and immanent dimensions of the Divine Being are linked with the personality of the Holy Prophet (saw). While God is Transcendent in His glory and Majesty, His immanence is manifested by the prophet (saw) in whose conduct and actions, the Divine Will is manifested in practical terms. God is thus not a being that is seen physically and neither are His anthropomorphic description in the scriptures to be taken literally. The prophet is the cosmic bridge towards a complete appreciation of His essence.”

In recognition of God and socioeconomic wellbeing of the people, he said God-consciousness or recognition of the Divine is the missing link between human systems and socioeconomic behaviors both at individual and governmental levels, the more reasons why political analysts, economists, and social theorists are all trying today to rediscover the missing ethical link.

“It is the absence of moral systems that are not driven by a true recognition of God that has continued to lubricate the wheel of corruption in our social universe and it is a known fact that more than ninety percent of our economic travails have its roots in individual and corporate corrupt practices.”

“All corrupt acts emanate from non-recognition of God and His design for this world. Because corruption undermines national and communal harmony and prevents the actualization of maximum good for the highest number, it is undesirable from a utilitarian perspective, repugnant from a moral perspective, unjust from the perspectives of equity and fair play, and culpable from a legal standpoint.”

The major solution to corruption, according to him, is the institutionalization of justice, kindness and charitable deeds to kith and kin.

Meanwhile, Maulvi Abdul Lateef Ilori spoke extensively on the topic:” Making Salat a Constant Companion: A True Source of Material and Spiritual Success,” while Maulvi Zafrullah Mustapha delivered a speech on the topic: “Overcoming Tabligh Challenges in Eastern Region: Lessons from Successes of the Early Missionaries.” The General Secretary Alhaji Abbas Iromini also delivered a lecture on the topic: “Building a Harmonious Family as a Basis for a Peaceful Society” while a lecture on “Renewable Energy: The Next Phase to Energy Solution “ was delivered by Mr. Abdul Samad Idowu.

Economic Summit

Another major highlight of the convention is the business summit, the first of its kind. According to the Naib Amir (Deputy National President) Eastern Region Dr. Abdul Gani Enahoro, the aim of the summit is to enlighten members on how to become successful economically without losing their spirituality and the fear of God.

“This business summit is a new way for us and we have selected a panel of speakers and discussants for two sessions, and they would take us through the windy road of how to become successful in business without losing spirituality and the fear of Allah, as we navigate through this very troubling period of our country’s history, full of temptations. “

The economic summit featured Managing Directors of multinational companies, CEOs of Private and Government sectors, Economists among others and they all engaged in panel discussions on how to make headway economically in this unpredictable Nigerian society.

Agriculture expert Mr. Zaid Abdullah of the Lagos State Government presented a paper on “Investment in Agriculture- The Value Chain and Opportunities.” There was also a paper presentation on “The Guiding Principles for Survival in Business Without Corruption in a Mono-Product Economy “ and “Islamic Ethics in Business and Commerce.”

Factors Militating Agriculture in Nigeria

One of the discussants Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye, the Naib Amir South West and the Chief Executive Officer Ascension Consulting Firm said the major problems facing agriculture in the country are lack of competent people and absence of trustworthy Nigerians that will handle the sector decently with fear of God.

The Executive Secretary Nigeria Sugar Council Dr. Abdul Lateef Busari highlighted inadequate knowledge on agriculture, storage problem, inadequate infrastructure and absence of regulators as some of the factors affecting the sector. He enjoined governments at all levels to fund the sector and improve on the processing and storage facilities. He also advised the government to improve on the transportation system and regulate the sector once it has been liberalized to cut the excesses of those in charge of the sector.

Managing staff members in a complicated business environment

With the terrible environments, we found ourselves, the CEO of Mabstar Project Limited Alhaji Mufadhil Bankole urged Managing Directors of companies to live above board and hold regular meetings with their staff members regularly to discuss issues affecting the company. He said MDs must be competent and friendly with the fear of God and must put in place a strong monitoring system to check the excesses of staff members. He further advised the would-be entrepreneurs to start on a very small scale and should never take loans to start a business.

Above all, Alhaji Bankole said all owners of the business must live with the commandments of Almighty God and be regular in five daily prayers.

Funding of business

To Dr. Habeeb Yaqeen, the Naib Amir North and the CEO of Al-Azhar International College Lokoja Kogi State, funding is not a problem in a business set up but personality issue. He added that people can have access to Central Bank loans but must have reached a certain stage in their businesses.

He submitted that Islamic banking system would have been the panacea to funding issues but unfortunately, the country is not ripe enough for such facility until we change our conditions, that Nigerians must be prepared to be productive.

The Amir further enjoined members to have in-depth knowledge of any business they intend to venture into and put in place monitoring and supervision mechanisms. He said MDs should give targets to staff members and give sanctions to erring members. He advised them to uphold justice and equity, and be nice to workers. He later advised that members should not underrate the spiritual aspects, that prayer is essential to all sectors.

Edo State Governor Goodwill Message

The Executive Governor of Edo State His Excellency, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, in his goodwill message commended the Muslim organization for its efforts in promoting global peace and providing selfless services to the people.

“I want to profoundly commend your efforts of a long history in propagating global religious  tolerance, education, and provision of social services to guarantee better living for humanity.”

“There is no denying the fact that the values you espouse are very meaningful in deriving the ideal world of peaceful coexistence, shared economic prosperity, globally enlightened citizenry, religious and cultural tolerance, security and enhanced better living for mankind.

“I am particularly grateful that the focus of this annual regional conference is focusing on very pertinent issues which we must all keep collaborating to address. We are all aware that there is currently an enormous challenge in trying to provide adequate jobs for our teeming unemployed youths. The unemployment challenge remains one of the main focuses of our administration which we are assiduously working to nip with the transformational reforms we have set on course. Therefore we welcome and regard as very salutary such endeavors like yours, aiming to equally address the issue of soaring unemployment.”

The governor who was represented by Comrade Kadiri B.S also appreciated the organization for organizing a two-day free medical exercise which was carried out through its charitable body Humanity First International in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State late 2018.

“Our administration remains highly grateful for your wonderful support and the great works you are undertaking in Edo State and indeed Nigeria in general.”

Other dignitaries that attended the three-day conference include Mr. Monday Maduekwe Secretary Christian Association of Nigeria Delta State chapter; Superintendent Ibrahim Idris Naido, representative of Delta State Commissioner of Police; Hon. Mrs. Shola Daibo member Delta State House of Assembly; Chief Imam Warri Central Mosque Alhaji Rasheed Ajisafe; Leader of Hare Krishna Delegation Mr. Bibhatsu Days and Alhaji (Barr.) B. Emiko Chairman Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Delta State.

More than 500 members of the organization across the Eastern Region and other parts of the country participated in the programme.