As Muslims globally celebrate the 2019 Eidul Adha, the Amir (National Head) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria Barrister AbdulAzeez Folorunso Alatoye has made a clarion call to the faithfuls to embrace harmonious and peaceful coexistence within the society.

In a release signed by the Amir and made available to The Truth correspondent today, Barr. Alatoye urged Muslims to be the pacesetters and role models in ensuring a hitch-free and peaceful environment.

His words: “The citizens are hereby reminded that we can all make the desired progress only in the atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. No progress is ever recorded where there is restiveness, war, acrimony, turbulence, and upheaval. There must be love between all tribes as we equally belong to Allah and a harm done to one is a harm done to all.”

Uphold principle of justice for all

The Amir equally called on all heads of government ministries, departments, parastatals, and agencies to ensure equal opportunity for all and eschew nepotism, tribalism and favouritism of all kinds in a bid to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

“It is generally known that one of the harbingers of peaceful coexistence among the peoples and among nation is justice. Justice fosters love and deeper understanding. Justice engenders respect and fellow feelings. Justice prevents anarchy and brigandage. A nation that desires peace must willy-nilly embrace justice and ensure that all its citizenry are made to practice justice. Injustice seems to be the root of all evils,” he stated.

He further urged the government to steer clear of public funds and channel the funds to projects that are beneficial to the masses. He said the government should endeavour to appoint the right people to the right positions, and give youth employment a priority. “The experience the elders have is not brought from the heavens but are acquired here by virtue of the opportunities they had when they were youths. We should assist in shaping their lives and not mortgage it,” Amir cautioned.

Peaceful coexistence will attract foreign investors

According to Barr. Alatoye, foreign investors would have the confidence that their investment is safe when there is peace in the land. “They would be encouraged and willing to bring the much-desired capital to establish industries which would provide jobs for teeming youths,” Amir noted.

He however implored various militant youth groups to desist from kidnapping and vandalization of equipment belonging to the government and foreign investors as these actions may not augur well for the proper uplifting and economic growth of youthful generation.

His Holiness Address on Peaceful coexistence and Justice

The Amir reminded Muslims on the peaceful messages of His Holiness, the Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (May Allah be his helper) to all leaders of superpowers at different occasions. He said that His Holiness had always implored people to think well of others and not think ill of them. He said this will develop love, unity, and strength among one another.

On justice, Amir said His Holiness has always mandate Muslims to embrace justice even for their enemies. That in the early history of Islam, the principle and all the demands of justice were fulfilled.

His words: “I convey the messages of His Holiness to Nigerians and request that we all hearken to the voice of reasoning and allow peace and justice to reign as Allah is of both principles and not of violence and inequality.”

Lessons of Eidul Adha

The basic teachings of Eidul Adha, according to the Amir are sincerity, dedication and righteousness as displayed by Prophet Ibrahim and his family. He said: “We are expected to tailor our lives along the paths treaded by Prophet Ibrahim, on whom be peace. He was ever reliant on Almighty Allah. He was ever ready to sacrifice the most coveted of his belongings to please his creator, so we are expected to be ready to sacrifice our worthiest asset to Almighty God. We cannot be grateful enough for Allah’s mercy and kindness on us all.”

Advice for All

Amir reiterates: “Let the haves care and cater for the have nots. Let the superiors be merciful to the subordinates. Let the elderly be tolerant of the youth. Let the youths respect the elders. Let the civil servants not be removed from offices abruptly. Let everyone feel secured of their future so as to eradicate corruption. Let the government fulfill the needs and yearnings of the masses and let the masses discharge their duties to the government honestly and remain obedient and law-abiding.”