20th MAN Workshop: Ahmadi Elders Urged to Become True Reflection To Family Members


Members of the Majlis Ansarullah Silsila ‘Aliya Ahmadiyya Nigeria (Elders’ Group) have been admonished to serve as a mirror and true reflection which the family members will always look up to.

The Missionary Incharge Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Murabbi Afzaal Rauf gave the advice at the 20th Annual National Workshop of the group held at the Tahir Mosque, Ojokoro, Lagos.

Murabbi Rauf who represented the Amir (Head), Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola as the special guest of honour at the event implored the elder’s forum to obey Almighty Allah, His messengers as well as those who are in authority.  He said if these actions are reflected in their day-to-day activities, their wards and family members will cultivate the habit.  He reminded them of their responsibility in instilling Islamic teachings as well as the system of the Jama’at on their children right from the tender age.

Speaking on the theme of the workshop; “Nizami-Jama’at: A Reflection on The Life of Every Nasir,” he specifically said the key aspect of the Jama’at’s system is the total obedience to the Khilafat.  He stated that it is only through this that the elders could be a guide to the younger ones.

He said: “There should be good reflections from all of us to our families.  We have been trained by the Jama’at from the age of seven.  Let us instill all the disciplines and teachings in our children and wives.  We should do the right thing before departing this world so that our grave will be a place of peace.

“This workshop will fulfill its purpose if we go back home and change our ways positively towards our families.  This is, also the only way we can change the world. As an Ansar, we must understand the essence of prayers and supplications.  We must serve Allah alone.  Also, Imam Mahdi(as) has requested us to emulate the good deeds of Prophet Muhammad(saw) and those of him.  If this is not done accordingly, then our Bai’at doe not stand.”

In his address, the leader of the group, Alhaji (Engr.) Abdul Waheed Adeoye requested members to be role models in giving due regards and obedience to constituted authority and Nizami-Jama’at.  He said the leadership of the group will continue to reform such members who flouted the rules and regulations of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

He also advised members to take proper care of their families and groom their wards appropriately from childhood in line with the teachings of the Holy Prophet(saw) and the Promised Messiah(as), the founder of the Islamic organization.

Meanwhile, members of the group, as well as Muslims in general, have been advised to give positions of authority to those who possess leadership qualities including public trust.  The advice was given by Murabbi Nurudeen Okubena who delivered a lecture on “Golden Examples of the Sahabas of the Holy Prophet(saw) in the discharge of Public Trust,” at the workshop.

“It is unfortunate that people entrusted with a position of authority in the world today, fail to discharge their responsibilities as expected of them, they see it as a means of amassing wealth and for personal benefits, and their governance is engulfed with nepotism and injustice.  The companions of the Holy Prophet(saw) were men of integrity and moral uprightness, they would prefer to go hungry only to satisfy their fellow brothers in faith.  They paid much attention to the public trust that they would hardly use what belongs to the entire community for personal benefits,” he stated.