Ahmadiyya Women Advise on Righteousness


The Women group (Lajna Imaillah )of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria has enjoined everyone to uphold Righteousness as a vehicle to achieve success in all human endeavours.

Riding from a three-day Islamic conference attended by over 2100 Women across the country, the Women leader (Sadr) Alhaja Taofeeqah, Aderoju described Righteousness as gratefulness and appreciation of Allah’s mercies on everyone.

The Islamic conference 42nd in the series was hosted by district 9 at the prestigious Al_ Azar International College Zango Dani , Lokoja in Kogi State, central Nigeria.

Earlier, the program was declared open with a goodwill message from the supreme head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Hazrat Masroor Ahmad(may Allah be his helper) who enjoined member of Lajna IMAILLAH to consider setting aside personal desires and emotions and strive very hard to maintain the highest moral standards by keeping only good habits.

The Khalifa also urged Lajna members to remain firmly attached to the institution of khalifat_e_Ahmadiyya through regular watching of MTA programmes to help members remain steadfast in their faith.

Other goodwill messages came from the Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye Sahib and the Sadr Majlis Khudammul Ahmadiyya Nigeria wishing Lajnas a successful and fruitful convention.

The Sadr Lajna Imaillah Nigeria, Alhaja Taofeeqah Aderoju Fagbolade Sahiba encouraged participants to reflect upon the numerous spiritual messages and moral teachings to be gained at the convention.

The Theme of the Ijtema was a paper presentation by the hosting District 9 on the topic;’Righteousness: Roadmap to a successful life.

Mrs. Isuwat Habeeb defined roadmap as a strategic plan that defines a goal and Righteousness as true sincerity, humility, morality, truthfulness, honesty, and respect.

She said righteousness is the garment that protects the soul from exposing its defects and weaknesses. She went further to explain that true successful life is when a servant of Allah the Almighty achieves the ultimate Taqwa and takes only Allah as a shield against sin.

The other two presentations were titled;’ Building a Righteous Muslim home and Righteousness as the key to sustainable livelihood by District 2 and 7 respectively.

The convention also featured a peace walk to health where hundreds of lajna members matched around zango city chanting Praises Of Allah and invitation to all and sundry to join the Ahmadiyya Muslim peaceful jamaat.

The Chief of Zango City expressed his support and encouragement towards the convention. He prayed for peace and calm as insecurity challenges permeate the country.

Ahead of the Islamic conference, there were free medical consultation /test, free distribution of medical eyeglasses for the people of Zango City.

Other highlights of the gathering were Quranic and quiz competition, speech competition, match past, handcraft display and cooking competition, table tennis, and other interesting sporting events.