Amir Commissions Central Internet Facility at Jamia Ilaro


As a way of embracing the uniqueness and effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the society, the Amir (Head) Dr. Mashhud Fashola recently commissioned the Central Internet Facility at Jamia Ahmadiyya, Ilaro. The internet router which was located at the Jamia Computer building would be powered by the solar panel on its rooftop if there is a power outage.

The facility will serve all the institutions in Jamia except the Female Hafiz Class. These include Jamiatul-Mubashireen, Hafiz Class (Male) and Ahmadiyya Science College (ASC). Amir was optimistic that the facility will go a long way in broadening the knowledge of not only the tutors but that of the students as well.

He said it will also assist in making further research on Islam, Ahmadiyya Community, and other contemporary issues. He, however, warned against abuse of the privilege. Maulvi Ahmed Abdul Azeem of Jamiatul-Mubashireen was appointed to man the facility. He is to collate the names of eligible users and input them into the system.

Dr. Fashola further inspected the E-Library built and donated by the Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria (the elder’s group of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community).

The Amir later visited the Ahmadiyya Science College (ASC) computer laboratory where the central internet connection was also tested.