The Amir (National Head) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Alhaji (Barr.) AbdulAzeez Folorunso Alatoye has led a 40-man Nigeria delegation to the international conference of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which kick-starts today in the United Kingdom.

The U.K. Jalsa Salana is a three-day annual global conference which attracts Ahmadi members, scholars, invited guests, distinguished government officials and other dignitaries in the U.K. and across the globe.

This year’s event will be held at Hadeeqatul Mahdi, Green Street, East Worldham, Alton Hampshire, GU34 3AU between today Friday, 2nd August through Sunday, 4th August 2019.  It is the 53rd edition.

The Delegation

Nigerian delegation to this year’s event include: the Amir, Missionary Incharge, Maulana Afzaal Ahmad Rauf, Sadr, Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, Alhaji Abdul Waheed Adeoye; the Finance Secretary, Alhaji Mudathir Adefarati; Principal Jamiatul-Mubashireen, Ilaro, Maulvi Abdul Azeem Ahmed; Jalsa Officer, Alhaji Bankole Mufadhil; Dr. Yaqeen Habeeb; and Dr. Busari Abdul Lateef.

Others are: Maulvi Abdur Rasheed Sanni; Medical Director, Ahmadiyya Hospital, Apapa, Dr. Samiullah Tahir; Medical Director, Ahmadiyya Hospital, Kano, Dr. Mudassar Ahmed; Alhaji Abbas Owolabi; Hafiz Syed Shahid Ahmed; Mr. Shah Syed Mahmood Ahmed; Maulvi Nasir Ahmad Mahmood; Alhaji Agbaje Taofeek; Mr. Tomori Bisiriyu; Mr. Oliwo Moshood; Mr. Ishola Ma’ruf; Mr. Mujaid Popoola; Mr. Ismail Ibrahim; Dr. Shittu Jubreel; Mrs. Monsurat Owolabi; Mrs. Muslimat Olaleye; Mrs. Qudsia Shahid; Mrs. Alimot Tomori; Owolabi Rodhiyyatullah; Syeda Shafia Shahid and Syed Faris Ahmed.

Nigerian guests to the Convention include: Etsu of Nupe land Alhaji Yahya Abubakar with four members of his family; Akirun of Ikirun land, Oba Olayiwola Olawale; former Grand Khadi Sharia Court of Appeal Kwara State Alhaji Salihu Oloruntoyin Muhammad and Alhaji Musa Ibrahim while media guests include: Alhaji Okunola Isiaka (MITV General Manager); Mr. Muftau Saheed (MITV) and Mr. Yakub Abiodun Dawud, an online journalist.

Historic Address of His Holiness

The Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(May Allah be his Helper) will address a global audience on contemporary Islamic and secular issues, progress recorded by the Islamic organization in areas of peaceful co-existence in the last one year, propagation of Islam and humanitarian services.  He will also anchor the annual Bai’at (initiation) ceremony where Ahmadi members, new converts as well as guests will pledge allegiance to the Khilatatul Ahmadiyya.

Thought-provoking Lectures at the Convention

Some of the topical issues to be discussed are: “Ways of Increasing Knowledge” by Dr. Ijaz-Ur-Rahman; “Prophecies Mentioned in the Holy Quran” by Maulana Ibrahim Noonan; “The Manner of Counsel of the Holy Prophet” by Fazalur-Rahman Nasir; “Khilafat – A Hallmark of Jama’at Ahmadiyya” by Dr. Hammad Khan; “Means of Nearness to Allah” by Dr. Attaul-Mujeeb Rasheed and “A Review of 130 years of Ahmadiyyat” by Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Hayat.

Another highlight of the event is the academic award of excellence to Ahmadi Muslims globally who had excelled in their academic pursuit.

MTA International to beam Live

The Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, MTA International based in London will beam the proceedings live and re-transmitted across Africa on 19 channels in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Republic of Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Appointment of Alhaji Hassan as Acting Amir

Meanwhile, Alhaji Ahmed Al-Hassan has been appointed by His Holiness (atba) as the Acting Amir for Nigerian Jama’at pending the arrival of Amir from the U.K.