Historic Keynote Address at Canadian Parliament by Khalifatul Masih V atba


1) We are all joined together & should be united.We must all uphold human values & strive to make this world a harmonious place
2) I am neither a political person nor am I a leader of a political organization, Rather, I am the head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which is purely a religious community
3) I believe that on the basis of humanity we are all joined together and should therefore be united
4) If human values and human rights are not upheld in one country, it has a knock-on affect in other parts of the world
5) It is extremely regrettable and a source of grief instead of uniting, the world is paid far greater heed to spreading hatred
6) We are passing through a time of great uncertainty and no one can truly comprehend the consequences of our actions
7) In this age when the fear of Islam is on the Islam, let me reassure all of you that Islam is not what you commonly see
8) Literal word of word Islam is peace, love, and harmony and all of its teachings are based upon these noble values
9) There should be no compulsion in religion. What a clear statement that enshrines freedom of thought, religion, conscience
10) Legislative assemblies and governments should not unduly involve themselves in such religious matters.
11) The only beneficiaries are extremist religious clerics — where Muslim governments are involved in religion
12) Governments should not concern themselves with what type of clothing a woman chooses to wear
13) I am not advocating that people with extremist views should be tolerated or free to pursue their beliefs
14) It is impossible for a Muslim to think ill or desire any harm for his country
15) There is no need to fear a true Muslim and no need for govts that infringe upon small religious issues which cause no harm
16) Unjust interventions cannot have any positive affect. This can only lead to restlessness and discord
17) Issue of climate change is not only an environmental issue but is contributing to lack of peace
18) There are many issues that are contributing to lack of peace
19) Should the world focus on the global warming, or address the financial crises, or fight against terrorism?
20) Or focus on Syria where US and Russia are openly opposing one another? Or Yemen vs. usa
21) It is a case of huge regret that Muslim countries are a centre of such instability and disorder
22) Ch23V9: A true Muslim is a person that fulfills any covenant with which they have been entrusted
23) Rather than justice, we witness injustice at every level of society – both between people and nations
24) Once the aggressors adopt peace, they should not be humiliated nor should unfair sanctions be levied upon them
25) Regrettably some major powers have not played their role in peace and have enacted unjust policies
26) Huge stocks of weapons have been sold to Muslim countries without considering the consequences
27) Amnesty International 2015 – Decades of arms trading has contributed to weapons by Daesh
28) If major powers cease to trade arms and ensure other supply lines are cut, such conflicts would be brought to a conclusion
29) Thousands of innocent civilians are being killed in Yemen. What will be the ultimate result of such arms trading?
30) In order to tackle radicalization, we must also assess what are its causes & symptoms
31) The major cause of radicalization of Muslim youth has been the economic crises & many reports corroborate this
32) In-spite of their education, many youths have not attained suitable employment and have been marginalized
33) The root cause is injustice and inequality.
34) Developed nations ought to have championed the rights of weaker nation & sought their advancement
35) Another example of world’s injustices is reflected in world’s politics
36) Time has proved Canada’s decision to not take part in the Iraq war is the right one
37) I hope and pray that Allah enables World governments to act in this way so that true & long lasting can be established
38) May Allah grant wisdom to the world’s leaders so that the world we leave behind is a world of peace & prosperity

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