Ignore the Challenges, Preach To the World with Love And Kindness – Amir, AMJN Tells MKAN Members


Irrespective of the challenges, temptations, and frustrations that prevail in the society, members of the Majlis Khuddam-ul- Ahmadiyya Nigeria (Youth Wing) has been urged to call people into the way of God with wisdom, love, cheerfulness, and kindness.

Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola, the Amir (Head) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria gave the advice at the 46th Annual National Ijtema (Youth Convention) of MKAN held at Federal Science and Technical College Yaba Lagos State.

Tabligh, an Arabic word for ‘Preaching’ was approved by the Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Community Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (May the peace and blessings of God be upon him) as the theme of the four – day programme. It is on this basis that Dr. Fashola enjoined the youths to face the preaching activities squarely, not minding the difficulties, distractions and social vices in the land. He believed youths will eventually surmount these challenges if they are prayerful, steadfast, persevere and upright. Above all, they must fully reform themselves first and become role models to others before embarking on preaching activities.

“The theme of this event as approved by His Holiness is a mighty one, very appropriate and timely. Youths have great roles to play in Tabligh expeditions. Though the challenges youths faced today are tremendous and unimaginable. There is a problem of joblessness, idleness, poverty, drug abuse, and social media distractions. But if you can face the challenges and be upright, there await awesome rewards from Almighty God.”

“The greatest you can do to your fellow brothers is to give moral and spiritual guidance. Ensure you spread the oneness of Allah to everyone as directed by Imam Mahdi (as). Preach to people with love and cheerfulness. Give encouragements to others, be sincere, steadfast and prayerful. Where ever you are, you must be shining and radiating light. Islam has made Tabligh easier for us. First is to reform yourself, second is to avoid evil, shun wickedness and third is to preach with prayer and wisdom.”

“The most fundamental teaching Ahmadiyya declared to the world is freedom of worship. There is no compulsion in religion. You youths of the community have to demonstrate to the world that you are the greatest servants of God. Let people feel your impact. Always strive to attain nearness to Allah, this can only be achieved if you purify yourselves. If you are unable to succeed in Tabligh activities, then please check yourself again,” Amir emphasized.

He also warned:” You must be wary of hypocrites in the course of discharging your duties. Do not associate with the disbelievers and hypocrites because you will share from the calamities when the time comes. We should not keep mute about the evils going on around us. If you are sincere with Allah, your prayers would be answered. Put your trust only in God. All youths need to come together to fight corruption and save humanity. Maintain your integrity in the face of poverty and temptation. Abide by truthfulness always, do not be materialistic and lastly follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (saw).”

Goodwill Message from Supreme Head

His Holiness Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (as) sent a thought-provoking message to the gathering. He admonished youths to pay attention to the commandments of Allah and observe their five daily prayers regularly. He also advised them to attach themselves to the institution of Khilafah and obey all instructions of constituted authority. Those youths should uphold their pledge and learn from the good deeds of the Holy  Prophet (saw).  Huzur Aqdas also directed the youths to spread across the true preachings of Islam.

Islam and Humanity

While delivering his lecture titled “Islam and Humanity,” Missionary (Barr.) Muhammad Rabiu Uthman said Islam encourages us to live among one another with love, affection, brotherhood, and compassion, adding that service to mankind is service to God Almighty. He stated that religion is not an end itself but means to an end which can only be attained by the continuous devotion of one’s happiness and comfort for the pleasure and comfort of others in accordance with the dictate of Almighty God.

“According to Islam, mankind is like a family and can only take care of the welfare of each other provided it lives like a close-knit family. The apparent differences in mankind are only for identification as to who are Africans, Arabs, Americans, Asians, Europeans, among others. As a human, we are one and the same. Islam urges the people of the world to raise themselves above parochial, tribal, national and racial limitations. Islam believes in the dignity of man and not in the prestige or power of man or this race or that nationality.”

“Service and care of the aged, helping one’s relatives, regard for neighbors, loyalty to friends, aiding the weak, the destitute, the widows, and the orphans, nursing the sick are qualities which are highly meritorious; cherished and valued in Islam,” he stated.

Missionary Uthman emphasized that a cursory look at the life of the Holy Prophet (saw) clearly shows that it was a life dedicated to serving humanity and this has been the guidelines for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that has been the front runners in the provision of Islamic education and awareness, western education, water, and health service to mankind. This, he said, has been achieved through the organization’s charitable body ‘Humanity First International’ which is also saddled with the responsibility of helping victims of famine, disasters, plague, and war.

Advice for the Youths

The senior cleric advised Ahmadiyya youths to exhibit and propagate all the beautiful teachings of Islam. “Members of Ahmadiyya community must confront the dark forces of evil and prejudice surrounding the citadel of civilizations with the true teachings of Islam so that mankind can benefit immensely from its invaluable teachings.

Tabligh and Humanitarian Services of MKAN

In his welcome address, the leader of the youth organization Engr. Saheed Aina highlighted some of the Tabligh activities and humanitarian services of the group. He said ” As part of our contributions to the development of Nigeria, some of valuable services which were carried out by MKAN during our last calendar include: Community Development Services (CDS) at 70 public places by 1,656 volunteers; Donation of over 400 pints of blood by over 100 donors; Free eye treatment for over 150 patients; Stop The Crime (STC) Campaign in over 40 schools across the country; planting of 337 trees at 53 public places; Ride for Peace which covered a distance of 69 kilometres by 185 participants; Online training of over 600 participants; publications of magazines and bulletins as well as international collaborations with the neighbouring countries.”

He also remarked: “While the rate of youth restiveness is on the increase, members of MKAN have continued to raise their heads above peers in terms of community development services, human capital development and spreading the true message of Islam. These untiring efforts have earned our organization numerous awards from corporate bodies, community leaders, governmental and no governmental organizations.”

Missionary In-charge Words of Advice

The Missionary In-charge Maulvi Afzaal Ahmad Rauf charged MKAN members not to relent in their efforts in propagating the true preachings of Islam. He advised that they should study the books of the Promised Messiah(as) and engage in Tabligh activities with all decency.

Other highlights of the convention are the free medical service at Alhaji Kola Osho Primary Health Centre, Yaba where over 400 people were diagnosed with different ailments and were treated. There was also road procession along Yaba/Somolu Axis. Members engaged in Tabligh activities with some pedestrians and distributed pamphlets containing peaceful messages to the people.

Among the dignitaries that graced the event are: Mr. Gbenga Ogunshola Chairman National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Lagos State; Hon. Muibi Abdul Latest of Shomolu Local Government Area; Comrade Kolawole Bamidele Babajide representative of Youth Alive Foundation and also some religious leaders.

Over 2,300 members of the group across the country attended the convention.