Khalifa of Islam Inaugurates New Mosque in Sweden


The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad has inaugurated the Mahmood Mosque in Malmo, Sweden. It is the second Mosque built by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the country.

After unveiling a commemorative plaque, His Holiness proceeded to deliver his weekly Friday Sermon, which was broadcast live around the world on MTA International.

During his sermon, His Holiness emphasised the need for Ahmadi Muslims to fulfill the true peaceful purposes of the Mosque, while also praising the exceptional sacrifices made by members of the community.

Speaking about the objectives of Mosques, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:

“We, Ahmadi Muslims, do not build Mosques for any materialistic gain, rather we build them solely for the worship of God and to attain His rewards. Having built this beautiful Mosque, we must not assume that we have fulfilled our obligations because in reality our duties have only just begun. We must seek to fill and populate this Mosque.”

HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad continued:

“Now that this Mosque has opened you must increase your love for one another and set shining examples of Islam’s true and peaceful teachings. Remember, that the real beauty of this Mosque lies not in its structure or design, rather it lies in the spiritual beauty of your hearts and conduct.”  

The Khalifa recounted a number of examples of personal financial sacrifices made by local Ahmadi Muslims towards funding the Mahmood Mosque. Men, women and children all took part in this effort.

For example, one man sold his car, whilst some ladies donated jewellery and young children offered their pocket money. His Holiness said that all such sacrifices were made in order to gain the pleasure of God Almighty.

Regarding the location of the Mosque, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:

“Sometimes journalists ask me why we have chosen a certain location or city for a Mosque. The truth is that neither does Malmo hold any particular significance, nor does any other location. Our only motivation is to build Mosques wherever there are Ahmadi Muslims so that they can join together to worship God Almighty.”

The Khalifa said that it was the responsibility of Ahmadi Muslims to invite people towards the Oneness of God and to dispel false notions about Islam.

He further said:“You must remove the fears and misunderstandings that the local people may harbour about Islam and explain to them its true peaceful teachings. The Government and people of this nation have let you build this Mosque and so in return for this favour you must always show them sympathy and seek to bring them closer to their Creator.”

Speaking about the state of the world and reminding the local Ahmadi Muslims of their responsibilities, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:

“It is a source of deep regret that today the most discord and conflict is found amongst Muslims. Therefore it is the responsibility of Ahmadi Muslims to become living examples of the peaceful teachings of Islam and to spread its true and beautiful message far and wide.”


Khalifa Condemns Terrorism, Says True Muslims Are Peace-Loving

The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad has condemned terrorist activities, especially those committed in the name of Islam. The Khalifa said this in interviews by members of the Swedish media at the Mahmood Mosque in Malmo, Sweden.

Asked about rumours that the terrorist group Daesh was radicalising and recruiting Muslim youths in Malmo, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:

“It is the duty of the Government and authorities to remain vigilant to the threat of terrorism at all times and to monitor the situation. I also think the police and authorities should be given adequate resources to stop terrorists and extremists.”

Continuing, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:

“As far as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is concerned none of our members are radicalised – rather we are peace loving people.”

Asked about the ongoing refugee crisis, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said it was impossible for any single country to accommodate the millions of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

As a potential solution, His Holiness cited the example of Afghan refugees given refuge in Pakistan during the 1980s who were returned to Afghanistan once peace was restored in their homeland. At that time, the major powers and international institutions supported Pakistan by providing funding and infrastructure to house the refugees.

His Holiness said that a similar model could be adopted for the Syrian and Iraqi refugees wherein neighbouring countries were provided support to take in the majority of refugees until peace was restored in their respective countries.

Upon being asked about his office, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:


“I am a humble person of Allah the Almighty who has been elected as the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to continue the mission of our Founder to spread the true and peaceful teachings of Islam.”

Asked about the security situation of Ahmadi Muslims, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:

“It is not only Ahmadi Muslims who are at risk, rather everyone is a target for terrorists as we have seen recently with the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks. Those attacks can only be described as acts of horrific brutality and completely against the teachings of Islam.”

HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad continued:“Just a few years ago almost 100 Ahmadi Muslims were killed when two of our Mosques were attacked in Lahore. However, we never react with violence but we bear all persecution with patience and respond only with prayers.”

Regarding the opening of the Mahmood Mosque in Malmo, HazratMirzaMasroor Ahmad said:“A Mosque is a place to bow down and submit before God Almighty and so when I inaugurate this Mosque I will remind the Ahmadi Muslims about the true and peaceful objectives of Mosques.”