Sheikh Zakariyyah, Tejidini extol Ahmadiyya on the training of Hufaz


A renowned Quranic reciter Fadhilat Sheikh Abbas Zakariyyah Al-Qari has lauded the efforts of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria in the production of Hufaz (young boys and girls who have memorized the Holy Quran) in Nigeria.

He stated this at the third edition of the graduation ceremony of the Jama’at’s Female Hafiz Class held at Jamia Ahmadiyya Ilaro.

Sheikh Zakariyyah who expressed delight for his presence at the historic event commended the Islamic organization for being the first runner in the establishment of Hafiz School in South Western Nigeria.

According to him, his research on Tajweed (a study on the correct recitation of the Holy Quran) led to the discovery that Ahmadiyya Community in Nigeria was indeed pioneer founder of Hafiz School in South Western Nigeria and the organization also produced the first set of Hufaz in the region. Among them are Hafiz Mubaraq Kukoyi; Hafiz Muslihuddeen Opayemi and Hafiz Abdul Ghani Shobambi.

Also reacting to the successful training of the young girls was the National Missioner/ Chief Imam of Rahmat Islamiyya Association of Nigeria, Sheikh Ishaq Adebayo Tejidini who appreciated the Islamic organization in exemplifying the true preaching of Islam.

Sheikh Tejidini recalled his relationship with Ahmadiyya Community through the Amir (Head), Dr. Mashhud Fashola and the National Tabligh (Preaching) Secretary, Dr.Sa’eed Timehin and affirmed that he has never been disappointed whenever in the midst of Ahmadi members at various events.

“How can anyone say members of Ahmadiyya are non-Muslims? The organization is a true Muslim sect which has been championing the true tenets /preaching of Islam globally. I am very pleased with the manner in which the graduation ceremony was organized. It meets true Islamic standards. The Jama’at has well-trained Missionaries who preached to people in the most humble manner.”

“Training the female wards is one of the most difficult tasks to execute but Ahmadiyya has succeeded in training the young girls to the extent of memorizing the Holy Quran in spite of the prevailing social vices. This is indeed worthy of emulation,” he submitted.

The Amir attributed the feat to one of the blessings and benefits of Khilafat. He said the organization is ranked among the best in the production of Female Hafiz Class graduates. He stated that the journey of the school started in the year 2010 and has so far produced 30 graduates. Dr. Fashola thanked the Almighty God for the achievement and also appreciated the efforts of the coordinator, administrative staff and all those who had contributed immensely to the success of the programme.

Meanwhile, 12 students graduated successfully from the 3 rd set while two students graduated from the 4th set. The graduating students are Hafizho Teslimat Raji; Farhat Timehin; Atiat-Nasir Oni-Bashir; Aishat Taofeek; Amotul Basit Akinlolu; Ihsanullah Adewale; Qowiyyah Monzoor; Hikmatur-Rahman Obaditan; Mubashiroh Abdul-Lateef; Fatihat Adeagbo; Azeezat Balogun; Atiatur- Rahman Obaditan and Barakallah Bakare. From the 4th batch are Hafizho Mazeedat Shittu and Hasbiyallah Morenikeji.

Coordinator of the institution, Mrs. Monsurat Akewugberu urged the graduating students to be prayerful and maintain a high moral standard. She implored them to be truthful and to always dress decently.

She also advised the parents to always monitor them at home in relation to observing Tahjjud, regular revision without distortion and participation in Nasirat, Lajna and all the Jama’at programmes.

Other personalities that attended the event are: the Naib Amir South West, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye; Naib Amir North; Alhaji Abdul Yaqeen Habeeb; the General Secretary AMJN, Alhaji Abbas Iromini; Sadr (Head) Majlis Ansarullah (Elders Forum), Alhaji Abdul Waheed Adeoye; Jalsa Officer, Alhaji Mufadhil Bankole and the Principal Jamiatul-Mubashireen, Maulvi Nadeem Waseem.

In a related development, one of the products of the Tahfizi-Quran Jamia Ahmadiyya Ilaro, Hafiz Abdus Sobur Adeleke had emerged the winner in category 5 of the 33rd National Quranic Recitation Competition held at Gombe State University.

Abdus Sobur represented Edo State at the competition which has in attendance, representatives from all the 36 States of the federation including the FCT.

The Ahmadiyya Jama’at is well known for presenting participants at the annual Quranic Recitation Competition over the years and have won several laurels and prizes.

At this year’s competition, the Jama’at was represented by seven members (three Hufaz and four Hafizah) who qualified in different categories from different states.

They are Hafiz AbdulFattah Sodiq who represented Ekiti State in complete Quran and Tafsir. Hafiz Abdus Sobur Adeleke who represented Edo State in 10 Hizb (Tanzeem). Mahmud Adeleke who represented in 2 Hizb. Hafizah Badmos Rasheedah who represented Ogun State in 40 Hizb. Hafizah Haseebah Okutimirin who represented Ogun State in 40Hizb. Hafizah Ne’matul Moughni Ariyo who represented Bayelsa State in 20 Hizb, and Hafizah Roqeebah Hamzah who represented Edo State 2 Hizb.

All the participants recorded good performance in their respective categories and Hafiz Adeleke eventually won the first position in Category 5. He received his prizes from the Deputy Governor of Edo State at the Palace of Otaru of Auchi, Edo State.