Trials Are Meant to Strengthen Believers – Amir AMJN


Trials, challenges, and tribulations often experienced by great men of God and true believers are real tests from the Almighty and are meant to improve us towards moving closer to Him.

Making this assertion was the Amir (Head) Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola during  Friday sermon at Tahir Mosque, Ojokoro, Lagos.

Amir said prophets of God faced serious challenges and Prophet Muhammad(saw) was the greatest of them who encountered numerous trials.  Hence the need for all Muslims to praise the Holy Prophet when seeking mercy from Almighty God.

Quoting Suratul-Baqarah, chapter 2 verses 157-158 as a point of reference, Dr. Fashola said that the purpose of these trials was to dig out the excellent virtues of these men of God and to strengthen the weak ones among us.  According to him trials also serve as a means to perfection of faith as stated by Imam Mahdi(as).

“We must all be ready to face trials.  It is not negotiable.  Those who suffer most are the best of mankind and lovers of God.  Prophets of God faced a series of trials and the greatest among them was the Holy Prophet(saw) who even lost several relations to trials.  That is why if you want blessings from God tremendously, invoke Darood to the Holy Prophet multiple times.”

“Trials are not meant to perish us but to move us nearer to Almighty God, more so those trials faced by the prophets enabled us to see their excellent virtues.  Those trials help to solidify the weak ones among believers, it also helps to know whether our connection is with God or with materialistic world,” he affirmed.

Dr. Fashola continued: “Almighty God owns everything in the world including ourselves, hence He can make us experience trials on them.  Do not weep or become sober over what happens to you materially.  If you lose material things worry not about them, emphasize on your prayers and be grateful to God.  Everything will eventually perish but only your connection with God.  Do not lose God in the process of worrying about disappointments and difficulties.  The best of human beings do not have comfort.  The greatest mercy from God is to achieve nearness to Him.”

Becoming  Change Agents

Amir further admonished all and sundry to become change agents by striving to save the society from the hands of the wicked ones without fear of anyone in the process.

“The only way we can help this world is to sacrifice a lot for the sake of mankind.  If you want to change society, you must be ready to sacrifice even your life.  Fear Allah alone as no harm shall befall you without His permission.  Let us come together to save the country from enemies of progress,” Dr. Fashola posited.

He enjoined all Muslims to exercise their civic duty by taking part in the  2019 elections. He advised them to vote wisely for the best candidates and pray for the good government from the national to local levels.