Good Governance, Humility Key to Global Peace


Nurudeen Akinreti


In order to ensure a hitch free and peaceful atmosphere across the world, leaders in all tiers of government have been urged to embrace justice, equity, humility and prudency in their day to day activities.

Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola, the Amir (National Head) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria gave the advice at the Grand Ramadhan lecture organised by the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria (Youth Wing) Oyo State Branch held at the Housing Open Field, Awolowo Way, Bodija Ibadan Oyo State.

Speaking on the topic of the lecture “Establishing Global Peace,” the Amir said good governance and provision of fundamental human rights including security of lives and properties are important factors that would determine peaceful coexistence globally.

He further advised government to ensure freedom of conscience, religion and eradication of poverty, famine and joblessness which are the hallmarks of crises-free world.

Amir commended the youths for the initiative of organising a befitting lecture and requested them to be role models in the society and shun all forms of social vices including gangsterism, drug addiction as well as thuggery which has bedevilled the society.

“If government has failed woefully in discharging these duties, we the religious leaders and followers which comprises the youths must live up to expectations in our own little way starting from our homes. We should also pray for our leaders,” Dr. Fashola stated.

The Guest Lecturer Dr. Sa’eed Olurotimi Timehin enjoined world super powers to jettison all forms of intimidation, persecution, frustration and unnecessary possession of firearms against smaller countries, if truly they aim to establish everlasting global peace.

“To establish global peace, no country should hold her position or status higher than the other,” he said.

In a related development, the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria Apata Branch also held the 5th Annual Grand Ramadhan lecture at NCIR Moor Plantation with hundreds of members and non members in attendance.

The topic of the lecture is “Life and Death of Hazrat Isa (as)” and was well delivered by Missionary Muhammad Waa’iz Apooyin. He discussed at length on the birth of Prophet Isa (as), his life style, his crucifixion and actual death. Supporting his views with references from the Holy Qur’an and Bible, Missionary Apooyin affirmed that Jesus Christ lived a normal life and experienced a natural death.

Dr. Fashola, who was also the chairman of the gathering urged Muslims to always seek knowledge on topical issues and thereafter share the knowledge with people with utmost humility. He believed it is the only way people can be well informed about important topics like this, and will definitely safeguard intellectual and physical differences among followers of religions.

Amir said Almighty God has blessed the Muslim world with the advent of the Promised Messiah (as) who has not only fulfilled the revelation of the second coming of Prophet Isa (as) but has also come to teach and practice the Islamic way of life.

He thus urged members to be grateful to God and strive for a perfect place in the hereafter.