The Ubiquity of Hypocrisy


The world of men is filled with men of words
Words of saints they speak
Speak to them and see if you will not feel like a sinner
Sinner first in your own eyes and then to humankind

Humankind has mastered the art of deceit
Deceit through righteousness in the eyes of all
All pretending to one another, masking their true self
Selfless to a select few and selfish to many more

More and more, the fabric of hypocrisy is widely worn
Worn by those you least expect and those you truly respect
Respect is a currency of insincerity, spent with caution as though it will finish from regular use
Use people before they use you and make you useless

Uselessly, we hanker after paltry gains that we will leave behind
Behind to those who have no idea of how we laboured for the riches
The riches we earned by mastery of impunity
Impunity hinged by hypocrisy
Hypocrisy girded by dishonesty
Dishonesty fueled by small-mindedness

Small minds lie
Lie – the craft they think will make them fly high
High in the eyes of men but low in God’s presence
The presence that makes all else immaterial
Immaterial to all those you lied to, lied for, lied about and to you

You are righteous to people in your faith
Faithful only to your friends
Friendly only to those from whom you seek benefits
Benefitting from being ruthless to others
Others of different skin, ethnicity, religion, gender, status, and education

Education should cure you of hypocrisy because
Hypocrisy is from within where education makes the transformation
The transformation that tells you life is a transition
Transition in space and time
Time to meet and part, time to exist and extinct, time to be and be no more
More to life there’s than just a transactional exchange
The exchange you must! Your house with a coffin or graveyard, your time with eternity, your companions with loneliness…

Loneliness will be the lot of the hypocrite
The hypocrite who smiles from a mile
Whose words of praise have become trite
But whose heart is filled with bile
If you don’t know any hypocrite
It’s probably you don’t know yourself
Be free of hypocrisy
Avoid it as you would leprosy
The hypocrite never finds favour with God and men
Don’t serve me hypocrisy… it’s dirty and creepy!