Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria recently converged at its National Headquarters, Ojokoro, Lagos to listen and reflect on the exemplary characters of the Holy prophet, in commemoration of 2020 Seeratun Nabiyy.

The day will forever remain in History for all Muslims around the world as it was a remarkable day when the Holy prophet (saw) was born in 570 in the city of Mecca by Hazrat Aminat bint wahb after the demise of Abdullah ibn Abd al-muttalib his father.

More than thousands of years after the demise of this noble being, Muslims around the world still love, believe, pray and celebrate him.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community, on annual basis, celebrate the blessed day by discussing the exemplary lifestyle of the Holy prophet to remind members of the beautiful teachings, exceptional qualities and characters of the Holy prophet.

The Missionary in charge, Maulana Afzaal Ahmad Rauf who was the chairman of the program reminded the gathering about the beautiful lessons in the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet which are abound in the Holy Qur’an and Hadith. He enjoined Muslims to emulate the characters of Prophet Muhammad which centered around kindness, unity, love, brotherhood, good neighborliness, simplicity, honesty and regular prayers.

Missionary Abdul Haadi Babarinde of the National Headquarters discussed on the topic: “Relationship and Love of the Holy Prophet(saw) for Allah the Almighty”.  He said the Holy prophet expressed his love for Allah through obedience, supplications and he demonstrated the love in His practices and way of life.

He advised all Muslims to develop true love for Prophet Muhammad and follow his excellent virtues.  He said it is the best way of showing love for Almighty Allah.

Another lecture titled: “Exemplary Characters of Holy Prophet (SAW) in his youthful age” was delivered by Maulvi Okubena Nuruddeen.  He reminded all members of the Holy prophets(saw)  early life, His circle of friends,  and His virtues and manners, he states “The Holy prophet himself told us to make judicious use of our youthful age before we attain old age because anything achieved at the youthful age will go a long way  in having impact on our old age’’

Also, a poem culled from Qaseedah written by the promised messiah (founder of Ahmadiyya Community) in praise of the Holy prophet was chanted by young members of the body. The poem reflects the love the promised messiah had for the Holy Prophet.

Over 300 members and non-members of the body attended the august event.