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Ahmadiyya Commences Women Empowerment Programme


In its efforts to promote poverty alleviation programmes in the country, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria has kick-started Women Empowerment Programme at Jamia Ahmadiyya Ilaro, Ogun State.

The empowerment scheme, which was planned and organized by the newly constituted Economic Empowerment and Development Committee (EEDC) will run for three (3) months. Pioneer beneficiaries would be trained on sowing and crafts making. Equipment on the ground for training are sewing (straight and steaming) and over-locking machines.

Dr. Mashhud Fashola, the Amir, while commissioning the programme, gave thanks to Almighty God for actualizing the dream of EEDC and stated that the objective of the programme was to eliminate poverty.

“Those who drive away poverty are those loved by Almighty God. The major objective of religion is taking care of humanity at large. We must ensure no one lacks the basic needs, food, clothing, and shelter. Hence, the objective of the empowerment scheme. The programme is laudable and divine. If the government fails to make provision for basic needs, we as a religious organization must not fail in this aspect,” Amir noted.

Amir appreciated the efforts of the Naib (Deputy) Amir South-West, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye and the Chairman of EEDC for taking the initiatives as well as providing material and financial support towards the success of the training.

He said: “It is incumbent on all of us to put down whatever we have in the cause of Allah. The Committee is commended for this great initiative.”

Dr. Fashola believed poverty can only be alleviated through legitimate means such as skill acquisition and development. He described skill development as a major step towards promoting gainful employment in the country.

Alhaji Alatoye while making his speech, congratulated the first set of candidates selected by the committee for the training and urged them to maximally make use of the rare privilege. He said: “it is my belief that the rules of the programme have been shared with all the participants. Please ensure that the rules are strictly adhered to as business discipline is part of the training. I also implore you to listen to and obey your instructors for easy administration.”

He affirmed that the goal of the programme was not to make the participants become worldly in any way but rather to improve their economic conditions to enable them to serve Almighty God better.

He stated: “It is important to mention that by the special grace of God, Lajna Imaillah (Female Wing of AMJN) has been leading various financial sacrifices and it is aimed that this training will contribute to it immensely.”

The Naib Amir emphasized that the programme was a national and continuous programme and that the dates of the next session will be fixed immediately at the expiration of the session. He also promised that the committee will put in place separate training hall and accommodation facilities from next session.

Coordinator of the training, Mrs. Maryam Sanni said 20 candidates were selected out of 30 applicants. She said the aim was to train the candidates so that they will empower themselves. She also said catering services will soon be added to the list of courses.

According to the Amir, the best three (3) candidates at the end of the programme in April will be fully empowered by the management while the others will be given financial support.

Among the entourage of the Amir to the programme include the General Secretary AMJN, Alhaji Abbas Iromini; the National Financial Secretary, Alhaji Abdul Ghaniy Idris and the, Jalsa Officer, Alhaji Mufadhil Bankole.