Why Some Born Ahmadi Members are Inactive – Amir, AMJN


Worried by the several reports received on the inactiveness of some children of pioneer and top-ranked members in the Jama’at, the Amir (Head) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola has shed light on the remote causes of the problem.

Dr. Fashola who addressed the issue during his Friday sermon at Tahir Mosque, Ojokoro opined that the strange situation was not unconnected to the poor foundation laid by the parents in relation to marrying righteous and faithful spouses.

“It is indeed high time we examined ourselves why strange things are happening in our midst. Children of active members and pioneer members as well are nowhere to be found within the Jama’at. It is clear enough that we have turned against the commandment of Allah which emphasized that we should marry the pious and faithful. That we should not marry idolators nor marry on worldly considerations,” Amir said.

Other causes of the matter according to the Amir are the pursuit of worldly desires such as professional career, not keeping company of the righteous and humble servants, keeping evil, worldly, immoral and materialistic company; injustice and wrongdoing of parents especially in favour of some children and maltreatment of others, not recognising equality of all, tolerance of laxity in sacrifice and obedience of family members or speaking evil of Divine leadership and lack of true intellectual, moral and spiritual knowledge about the Jama’at and Islam in general.

His words: “Other reasons for wayward children include the pursuit of worldly materials. Some members had abandoned religious teachings for secular education. They have also neglected Jama’at activities because of this. Thirdly is the keeping of evil and bad companies. All Muslims are required to move with good and pious people. Injustice and bias on the part of parents is the fourth one.

He advised that “as a father, we must eschew injustice, wrongdoing, and bias. Treat your neighbors & children like your own and maintain equality. Do not pamper your children against other children.” The fifth reason is the lack of indoctrination of children into the teachings and principles of the Jama’at. That is, not directing the children to attend Jama’at functions and activities.”

To eliminate this problem within the Jama’at, the Amir urged members to marry only the righteous ones and that all members (married and unmarried) should engage in a lot of prayers and Istighfar in order to reform themselves before reforming the world.

Dr. Fashola stated: “The only way you can produce reformers is to marry a righteous woman. Save yourself and family members from hell. This can only be achieved by exemplary conduct of goodness and compassion, regular prayers and admonition.

You must persevere and be forgiving. Reform your wives and loved ones who are after worldly desires. Keep the company of good people and above all, pray for your wife and children.”

The Amir, however, warned that the solution to the problem should not be hinged on the affected parents alone. That it was indeed the collective responsibility of all and sundry to nip the matter in the bud. " you are all advised not to leave the responsibility to the affected parents alone. It is our duty to look after the widows and children of deceased members. If they go astray, we will suffer for it. The Amir, Presidents, and heads of auxiliary bodies must ensure they save the families of the deceased pioneer and active members. The reward for this is enormous.”

“Indeed, it is stupidity to think that the children of the departed souls are not our own. Hence, the children of all Ahmadis are our children. Since we believe humanity is one, it will be a collective fault if the children of the deceased are nowhere to be found in the Jama’at."

Giving a general advice in reference to the Promised Messiah’s (as) book on “The Washing of the Soul,” Dr. Fashola noted; “it is not how rich, how knowledgeable you are, or how high professional career or as a religious scholar, not how excellent you recite Quran, not how high you are as Jama’at officeholder or your dedication as Missionary, teacher or doctors. But according to Mahdi (as), it is the extent to which Divine attributes abide in you, the extent to which you have achieved the highest levels of purification, and the extent to which you are compassionate to all mankind, beginning with your family, neighbours, Jama’at members, and country.

“Those who strive to attain the highest levels of purification will strictly abide with the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw) and obedient to all Divine Commandments. Specifically, they will be very caring and loving to the wives and children and watchful over them. They will eschew rancor, jealousy, hatred, injustice, and materialism and exhibit the spirit of humility, perseverance, patience, charity and self-sacrifice for the sake of God only.”