Ahmadiyya Head Moves to New Headquarters in Islamabad


The worldwide head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad ( May the peace and blessings of Allah be on him) moved earlier this afternoon from London to the new Jamaat Markaz (headquarters) in Tilford, Surrey, to the land that is fittingly named Islamabad.

Huzooraa had indicated in his Friday Sermon delivered on 12 April that he would soon be moving from London to Islamabad.

This historic moment came on Monday, 15 April 2019, immediately after the Asr prayer at Fazl Mosque, London, when Huzooraa departed the Fazl Mosque and took the A3 southbound, headed towards Islamabad.

A large number of Londoners were present to see off their beloved Imamaa, whom they had become accustomed to seeing in the Fazl Mosque five times a day at every prayer for almost 16 years; including the tenure of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh, the Fazl Mosque served as the residence for Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya for almost 35 years.

The crowds of people gathered at the Fazl Mosque sang choral poems to see off their beloved Imamaa.

Huzoor’saa entourage arrived at Islamabad, Surrey at approximately 6:55 pm where a large number of residents of Islamabad, those belonging to neighboring Jamaats and many more joyfully welcomed Huzooraa.

After arriving at Islamabad, Huzooraa waved and said Salaam to the rejoicing crowds. The atmosphere echoed with the prayer:

رَبّنا تقبّل منّا انّک انت السّمیع العلیم

(Our Lord, accept this from us, for Thou art surely the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing) and choral poems (taranas) that children sang in praise of Allah to add colour to the very historic moment in the history of Islam.

This day was reminiscent of the great hijrats (migrations) that have taken place in the history of Islam. When progress and prosperity is manifested through the expansion of Allah’s Jamaat and migration is destined to happen, then Allah provides facilities to contain and uphold the divine bounties bestowed by Allah on His Jamaat.

We are fortunate to be living in the time of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, through whom, we have witnessed another milestone, among many, in the growth of Islam Ahmadiyyat.

We know from history that every hijrat has opened up avenues for the propagation of Islam and we know with full conviction that his hijrat will lead the Jamaat towards success that is otherwise unattainable by mere human power – Insha-Allah.

Central offices – including Huzoor’saa private secretariat, Wakalat-e-Tabshir, Wakalat-e-Mal, Wakalat-e-Tamil-o-Tanfidh (India, Nepal and Bhutan) – have also moved to Islamabad as part of the Markaz’s shift.

As Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa mentioned in his latest Friday Sermon, the residential colony is being inhabited by Waqifeen-e-Zindagi, most of whom will be working in the local offices.

In a period of just around two years, we have seen a great transformation of what was once a make-shift residential facility into state-of-the-art offices and residential complex.

We pray to Allah that He makes this new Markaz a beacon of light for all mankind and that facilitates the Jamaat further in propagating the message of Muhammad Rasulullahsa.