Apooyin Family Donates Second Mosque to Ahmadiyya


The family of Alhaji Abdul Fatah Kareem Apooyin has donated a new Mosque to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria.  The Mosque is located at Apooyin Village, Omi-Adio, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Amir (Head) of the Muslim Organization, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola commissioned the place of worship, with several dignitaries both from within and outside the Jama’at in attendance.

It would be recalled that the family built and donated Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Central Mosque Omi-Adio a few years ago.  The family also plan to donate a three-bedroom mission house to the Jama’at after completion.

Dr. Fashola led the first ever Juma’at prayer at the new Mosque and discussed at length, on the purpose of man’s existence, mosque building, and means of seeking nearness to Almighty Allah.

Amir warned members not to be worldly and materialistic but be prayerful, truthful, steadfast and be cheer giver in the way of Allah at all times.  He urged members to be regular in Salat with full concentration and reflect on the teachings and lessons contained in the Holy Quran.

Speaking on the topic: “Importance and Blessings of Mosque Building,” the Missionary Incharge, Maulvi Afzaal Ahmad Rauf emphasized that the main objective of building Mosque is to fully engage in the remembrance of Almighty Allah and if this is not achieved, then all the resources put together become wasted.

He stated that another reason for Mosque building is for Muslims to gather themselves in the place of worship in order to promote unity and brotherhood among one another.

“Relationship with Allah is not satisfactory hence members are going backward day by day in moral and spiritual aspects.  The Mosque should bring about the much needed moral and spiritual change in our lives,” Maulvi Ahmad Rauf noted.

The senior cleric further requested all donors of Mosques to refrain from wrongdoings if they aim to derive maximum benefits from Mosque building.

He added: “It is also the responsibility of the donors and members of the local Jama’at and Circuit to ensure that true believers worship in the Mosque, and the mosque should never remain empty.”

Maulvi Ahmad Rauf thus called on Jama’at members to strive and build Mosques in every streets and region where there are five to ten (10) houses in order for all Muslims to enjoy congregational prayers.

The Chief Imam of Omi-Adio, Alhaji Abdul Lateef Abiola in his speech commended Apooyin family for the Mosque building and opined that the place of worship has really publicized the community.  According to him, the new Mosque was a huge blessing to all members of the community.

Dr. Omoyele, President of Omi-Adio branch of Ahmadiyya Community appreciated the presence of important personalities who graced the occasion and informed that the branch has a lot of Mosque building in progress.

Other dignitaries who attended the commissioning include: the General Secretary AMJN, Alhaji Abbas O. Iromini; Sadr (Head) Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria (Elders wing), Alhaji (Engr.) Abdul Waheed Adeoye; the National Finance Secretary, Alhaji Abdul Ganiyu Idris and the Jalsa Officer, Alhaji Mufadhil Bankole.